Everything How not to remember expression to smother in embraces?

Our longterm experience with problem children from the Moscow families shows that parents are guilty of their weakness, infantilism, indifference to own life almost in all cases.

Everything begins with that effect of cream of wheat about which we already spoke.

Careful parents unconsciously try to embody own programs in children.

For this purpose, they controlling each step and the word of the adored children.

Let it become softly, let it become for the sake of the child, but, considering authority, the sizes and internal force of two interacting parties, all the same such care looks like totalitarian control more.

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Besides, in these

Besides, in these Therefore before you get to work on lessons, I suggest you to study this section.

The installations presented in the book it is positive statements for the one who we what we are are and what we can become.

Besides, in these installations human experience is generalized.

Advantage of these installations that they are instruments of implementation of those changes in our thinking and in lives which we seek to reach.

For this purpose we have to change first of all the relation to ourselves.

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Why the father

Why the father We go on an electric train, we go, such pacification, cool was.

To me was years five, I asked mother to part to me a fire.

She came off digging of potato, made to me fire and I baked to myself and mother potato.

Potatoes at us was much … Even the starch was done.

Why the father left?

Mother says that to other woman.

Mother says that it has now a wife and children, and the grandmother says that it too was the drunkard … so I do not know to that to trust.

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Naturally, I right

Naturally, I right I remember how on the eighth month we walked that with Dima in the park and met my former schoolmate.

She walked in a carriage of the sonny to whom there was slightly more than half a year.

Naturally, I right there attacked on it with a question: Well, how everything passed?

meaning childbirth, after all anything else at that moment simply did not interest me.

On what she answered me surprisingly briefly: Childbirth it is simple a hogwash.



Then it is also necessary to think of it!

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They said

They said I had no idea that such could occur.

Rein Smyrna, Delaware.

As it is necessary to bring pain such conversation, Claudes parents helped it that possible events did not keep a secret.

Both mother, and the father spoke with me for some months before decided to divorce finally.

They said that, perhaps, divorce will be the best decision.

It was not pleasant to me at all that they so considered.

But after they told that divorce is possible, I expected it therefore it did not become for me a bolt from the blue.

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